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At Autism Intervention Specialists, only empirically-validated methods based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) are utilized, consistent with the recommendations of the National Academy of Science, American Academy of Pediatrics, and NIMH.

As qualified medical specialists, itís difficult to ignore the rapidly increasing number of children being diagnosed with autism, Aspergerís, PDD-NOS, Rettís, and CDD. While the cause is still debated, the fact is evidence based approaches such as Applied Behavior Analysis have demonstrated consistent gains in language, social, and play skills when implemented by dedicated, knowledgeable professionals.

Currently, statistics demonstrate that 1 in 50 children will have some form of autism or related developmental disabilities.

A new diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder is diagnosed every 20 minutes, making ASD the fastest growing developmental disorder in the U.S.

The sooner we provide necessary treatment plans, the better chance we have of minimizing symptoms of ASD. Early intervention is a vital component to overcoming the symptoms of autism.

The state of Massachusetts passed an insurance reform law, House Bill 4935 signed into law by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick on August 6th, 2010, obliging most insurance providers to fund ABA early intervention services for toddlers and children, along with evidence based interventions for teenagers and adults.

Autism Intervention Specialists (AIS) is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of families and individuals affected by autism and related developmental disorders. We offer free consultations and information to support parents, teachers, and physicians. Our highly trained staff will play a fundamental role for parents and physicians alike as they consider various treatment options and establish the most beneficial solutions. Because no two individuals with autism are exactly alike or require standardized services, each AIS program is tailored to suit the needs of each individual.

We provide parent training and we work closely with families, physicians, and support staff to meet each specific need. Our methods and approaches are shared with and taught to families during intervention to facilitate the generalization of newly found language, social, and play skills, potty training, initiation, self help skills, and much more.

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