Autism Intervention Specialists opened its doors in 2011 with the passing of ARICA (Act Relative to Insurance Coverage for Autism) affording families the opportunity to receive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) through their private insurance. The distinctive programs at AIS continue to expand offering an unmatched level of individualized treatment opportunities for your loved one.

Pacific Child and Family Associates (PCFA) began offering services to children with Autism and other developmental disabilities, and their families in 1988. PCFA was an early proponent of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and quickly adopted this clinical methodology as the cornerstone of its services to children and families. Pacific Child and Family Associates now offer treatment services in 32 states. To guide this growth we have established an executive team with national prominence in the behavioral health field.

We have set a goal of being the first nationwide provider of treatment services to children with Autism and their families. In recent years, PCFA has added Children’s Learning Connection (CLC) in Orange County, California, Autism Services North (ASN) and Autism Intervention Specialists (AIS) in Massachusetts.

Each of these organizations brings enhanced services to our organization that we are implementing across the country. CLC treatment plans included ABA, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy, when appropriate. These services are delivered in a clinic setting. We are in the process of opening several more clinics in various cities across the country. ASN specializes in serving the military families with children on the spectrum. AIS is the largest provider in the state of Massachusetts with clinics in 5 locations.

With the incorporation of these dynamic organizations, Pacific Child and Family Associates has dramatically expanded our reach and scope. We have built an infrastructure that delivers exceptional clinical care supported by a robust Quality Assurance Department. We are positioned to deliver these high quality services on a national basis while simultaneously completing research that advances the field. We will maintain our role as a direct service provider and recognized Center of Excellence while also positioning the organization to assume the management and administrative responsibilities of the Autism Benefit as the opportunities for this service emerge.

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For more information regarding our services, please email info@autismspecialty.com or call us toll free at (855) 646-8247. We are currently able to provide services in English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Vietnamese and Armenian.

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