In-Home Assessments

Autism Intervention Specialists creates customized ABA programs that fit the child and individualís needs. Deficit and maladaptive areas are identified through assessment. These areas are then prioritized so that sequential intervention plans can be adopted and implemented. The skills are analyzed in direct and indirect relation to the target or goal behavior which will be broken down to its essential elements so that the intervention program can be personally tailored to the individualís specific needs.

AIS offers in home/office developmental assessments to all children and individuals diagnosed with autism, Aspergerís, PDD-NOS, Rettís, and CDD. Your assessment includes interviewing parents/caregivers while utilizing direct observation of the individual in the natural environment combined with an autism screening test and behavior function determination. After the completion of your developmental assessment, a comprehensive autism intervention program tailored to meet each individualís specific needs will be created. The individualís home environment becomes one of the many settings for our play based, interactive autism program sessions targeting all needs including communication, language, play, and social skills.

At Autism Intervention Specialists (AIS), only scientifically-validated approaches are utilized during the creation of each and every tailor made intervention plan. Our comprehensive program plans are grounded in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Without debate, ABA is the most widely researched and scientifically-validated approach to treating individuals with autism, Aspergerís, PDD-NOS, Rettís, and CDD of all ages. We have found a mixture of highly structured and loosely structured environments to be among the most conducive settings in facilitating progress achieved through effective behavior interventions. The continuous supervision, management, and update of our service programs maintains gains and promotes generalization.

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