Social Round Table

The Social Round Table program is designed to help teach higher functioning preteens and teens with autism and related disorders advanced living and social skills. As kids get older, the manner in which they relate to the world changes and the Social Round Table is geared toward helping these adolescents discover their full potential in a fun and inviting environment. These needed life lessons help your child learn how to appropriately function in our multifaceted everyday society.

At the Social Round Table, we cover everything from basic safety skills (how to chop a vegetable, how to cross the street) and basic social skills (gestures, body language, verbal components to a two-way conversation) all the way up to advanced social skills (self-disclosure, stereotyping, grief management, table manners, politeness) and advanced living skills (hygiene, grocery shopping, treating self-injury). From the simple to the advanced, your child will learn each skill set in an open and friendly step-by-step manner tailored to their individual needs.

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